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At Responsible Travel (responsibletravel.com Ltd), our aim is to provide you with information about and access to holiday operators and accommodation providers around the world, which each in their own way contributes to the conservation of the environment, the preservation of local cultures and to the economies of the local communities.


For all of these operators, we do not endeavour to sell their holidays/accommodations direct to you, it is our belief that this is best done by the people who design and operate these holidays, as they are the experts and it is important for you to get just the holiday/accommodation you want, so we refer you directly to them this is our referral service and we do not try to be or claim to be an agent for these providers or an operator of these holidays.

Liabilities for referral service

Because of the service we provide in this instance and how we provide it, it is important for you to understand the limitations of our liability, so we have detailed these below and by reading these or using the site you are agreeing to these limitations in full and you also are agreeing to accept the application of English law to govern any matters that may arise between Responsible Travel and yourself.

a) Your holiday

For holidays we simply act as a referrer. We are not and do not act as a tour operator, travel arranger or organiser or as an agent for operators and accommodation owners. We make information about the operators and organisers available to you so that you can choose who you book with so that you can liaise directly with them to book your perfect trip. We do not take your money on their behalf or act as go between in any issues relating to your holiday. Your contract will be with them and them only and they are fully liable for every aspect of their holiday/accommodation product that you buy, according to their own terms and conditions. So we strongly urge you to check these carefully in full before you book.

b) Your holiday protection

All holidays on Responsible Travel provided by EU based tour operators should either be formally bonded or operate a system of separate client accounts with external signatories, to provide you with financial security in the unlikely event that they should cease to trade.

We provide information about overseas holiday operators and accommodation providers who we have worked with closely to ensure that they provide their holidays and/or accommodation in a way that fits with responsible tourism. As the protection of customers, and monies paid to those holiday companies, are different in each country we strongly encourage you to enquire about how your money is protected directly with the company you are booking with, and in any event take out personal travel insurance. When booking hotels and accommodation it is usual to pay after the completion of your stay. Payment via a credit card is often a good option as this may offer additional financial protection under UK consumer credit laws.

Responsible Travel do not accept any liability for, or warrant the quality and/or standard of any of the holidays or accommodations that you are sold by the providers that are featured on our website. And specifically, as mentioned above, Responsible Travel makes every effort to ensure that the holiday and accommodation providers featured on our website comply with certain standards, but Responsible Travel is not liable in any way for the way these providers actually deliver your holiday or accommodation to you and this is governed solely by your contract with that specific provider. Without limiting this general statement, Responsible Travel is not liable for any injury and/or damage to persons or property occurring during or as a result of any holiday or accommodation stay taken as a result of enquiries made through this website.

ABTA Membership
Book with Confidence. We are a Member of ABTA which means you have the benefit of ABTA's assistance and Code of Conduct. All the holidays we sell through Responsibletravel.com are covered by a scheme protecting your money if we fail. Other services such as hotels or flights on their own may not be protected and you should ask us what protection is available.

c) Holiday provider responsible practices
Holidays are made available on our website  by many hundreds of operators and accommodation owners around the world, who we vet by their ability to fulfil a set of criteria, developed by us in accordance with leading worldwide responsible tourism practices and using the experience of our own highly qualified personnel.

Again we do our best to ensure that all the holiday providers abide by the policies that these operators and accommodation providers claim to follow, but we are not able to guarantee they do at all times. If we are alerted to bad practice by any of our holiday/accommodation providers we will immediately investigate the matter and take appropriate action in advising them to correct these or removing them from the site.

d) Information on the site
We also rely on the information about our providers as supplied by them to use on our website including all words, content and imagery supplied by the tour operators and accommodation providers we feature on our site. We're not able to assume responsibility for this information and we have to disclaim all liability in respect of such information. Please check the information fully with the provider before you make any booking with them including details of the proposed holiday/accommodation and please note that prices shown on our site are for guidance only and prices quoted by the provider are relevant at the time of booking with them.

Responsible Travel is not liable for any injury and/or damage to persons or property caused by any actual or alleged libellous statements, infringements of intellectual property or privacy rights, or product liability, whether resulting from negligence or otherwise, including without limitation, from any use or operation of any ideas, instructions, procedures, products or methods contained in the material published on the site. Responsible Travel is also not liable for any copyright infringements.

All recommendations by Responsible Travel regarding trips, properties and/or destinations are intended for the purpose of information and guidance only and all details should be checked with a provider before you make a booking with them. Whilst we may recommend some holidays for a specific purpose e.g. baby/child friendly products, none of the trips or properties is guaranteed as fully suitable for that purpose e.g. fully child safe or baby friendly, by Responsible Travel.

Contributions to the web site
We are delighted to receive your contributions (these include reviews of locations and destinations, articles, tips, photos, and general feedback comment). We point out that the website and our marketing channels such as social media, are internationally accessible and that by contributing in any way, as above, you are consenting to the publication of your contribution on Responsible Travel media, on linked Responsible Travel sites and on any site or in any medium which Responsible Travel deems fit. Responsible Travel reserves the right to edit any contributions where necessary.

Please note that any photographs posted on any Responsible Travel website may be downloaded and electronically altered by another user of that site. Whilst this is prohibited by the terms of Responsible Travel's copyright notice, contributors should be aware of this risk before submitting photographs for publication on the site.

Featured Providers
Although all information displayed on our site about providers is expected to conform to the appropriate advertising standards, inclusion of such material on this site does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the quality or value of any providers or of the claims made by them. Users are advised to verify information with the provider prior to making any booking.

Health Advice
Any general health, passport, visa, insurance, FCO or other travel advice is not intended to be, nor is it to be treated as a substitute for, professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition, or for checking the relevant passport, visa or other travel requirements applicable to the destination that you are intending visiting. ALWAYS seek the advice of your doctor for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or requirements before considering a holiday or before travelling, together with the relevant passport, visa and travel requirements for the specific destination you intend travelling to, within good time before you travel.

It is not our responsibility to ensure that your holiday is suitable for your particular requirements. Please speak to the tour operator or accomodation owner directly. For other advice please see our accessibility guide.

Copyright policy
The copyright in this website belongs to Responsible Travel except for content uploaded by holiday/accommodation providers which belong to those providers. All intellectual property rights are reserved. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information obtained from this website, except in the specific case of photographs sourced under the ShareAlike Creative Commons license. You may only download to your own personal computer for viewing purposes and print out pages from this website for your own personal use.

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our disclaimer and privacy policy.

Updated August 2016