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Ecuador’s habitats range from steamy Amazon jungle and high Andean páramo to bird-filled cloud forest and mangrove-lined coast, while majestic colonial cities shelter in the foothills of snow-capped volcanoes. In the Galápagos Islands, wide-eyed sea lions, giant tortoises and penguins show no fear of their human visitors, and happily pose on wave-battered rocks. Ecuador’s culture is just as diverse and welcoming. Colourfully clad Quichua – descendants of the Incas – weave alpaca fleeces into warming woollens, while lowland tribes capture the magic of the rainforest with shamans and medicinal plants. Learn more in our Ecuador travel guide.

Our top Ecuador holidays

Galapagos adventure holiday

From £4424
10 days ex flights
An active Galapagos Islands adventure holiday
Small group2021: 1 Oct, 15 Oct, 29 Oct, 12 Nov, 26 Nov, 10 Dec, 17 Dec, 20 Dec, 24 Dec

Budget Ecuador and Galapagos holiday, 23 days

From US $3779 to US $6249
23 days ex flights
Experience Ecuador & Galapagos in our complete classic tour
Tailor made

Galapagos multi activity holiday

From £3050
7 days ex flights
An amazing adventure Galapagos Multi-sports
Small group2021: 5 Oct, 16 Nov, 21 Dec, 28 Dec

Best time to go on holiday to Ecuador

There is no best time to visit Ecuador. Peak seasons are mid-June to early September, and December to early January, though crowds are still rare. The exception is Galápagos – where thousands of visitors mean that in peak season, it hardly fits the “remote archipelago” image you may have in mind. Here, January to May is the warmest period with the calmest seas, allowing for the odd shower. The Andes are damp year-round, with warm days and icy cold nights. The Oriente, meanwhile, is hot and rainy, particularly from December to April. Pack layers and waterproof bags.
Ecuador temperature and rainfall chart

Map & highlights

Many Ecuador holidays feature a land- or sea-based tour of the Galápagos Islands, where the renowned wildlife is remarkably unafraid of humans. But mainland Ecuador has much to recommend it too, including one of the world’s highest active volcanoes in Cotopaxi National Park. Brave walkers can peek into the crater. There’s a range of adventure sports in Baños, while culture vultures can admire the colonial-era architecture of the capital, Quito, and UNESCO-listed Cuenca. Otavalo is another must-see – the Andean town hosts one of South America’s largest markets, where you’ll find all manner of Quechua handicrafts.

1. Baños

This tranquilo little town is a hotspot for adventure lovers, who can try out rafting, paragliding, horse riding, rappelling, mountain biking and even bungee jumping beside the looming backdrop of the smoking Tungurahua Volcano. After pushing your body to its limits, you can soak in the hot springs Baños was named after, or visit one of the many affordable massage studios scattered around the town.

2. Cotopaxi

One of the world’s highest active volcanoes, the perfectly conical Cotopaxi is a dignified sight in the central Andes, its snow-capped peak releasing the odd billow of smoke for anyone who doubts its power. The surrounding area offers many pleasant hikes, horse rides and haciendas, while the brave (and well acclimatised) can attempt to summit the peak and peer into its deep caldera.

3. Cuenca

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of South America’s best-preserved colonial cities. Founded by the Spanish in 1557, Cuenca had already been a settlement for 1,000 years for the Cañari and then the Incas. Today, Cuenca’s cobblestoned streets, whitewashed churches, mild climate and fascinating museums are a draw for tourists and retired expats.

4. Galápagos

The isolation of these volcanic islands has turned them into a living museum of evolution, where all is not as it seems. Puckered, giant tortoises can walk these rocks for over two centuries, and tiny finches have forgotten how to be afraid of humans. Cormorants have lost their ability to fly, yet iguanas have learned to swim. This is a worthy, wildlife Mecca that will inspire your inner biologist

5. Otavalo

This exuberant Andean town hosts one of South America's hugest markets. Stock up on alpaca woollens, woven throws, straw hats, and bright paintings, sold by Quichua locals with black braids, felt hats and flowing blouses. At the nearby animal market, chickens, sheep and guinea pigs change hands each Saturday. Head out of town for panoramic hikes around the sacred Laguna Cuicocha, at the foot of Cotacachi Volcano.

6. Quito

Stretched narrowly between volcanic peaks, Quito is a fittingly dramatic introduction to Ecuador. The Old Town’s beautifully restored colonial architecture and busy plazas are perfect for people watching, while its lively indigenous community provides traditional music, dance and food. Step back into the modern world in the Mariscal Sucre district, with excellent restaurants, trekking gear shops and funky cafes.


The rainforests of Ecuador are as rich in wildlife as any other – the trick, as always, is being able to spot it among the trees. Hot, humid and always very wet, the rainforests are always travelled either on foot or by small boat along the river. Howler monkeys can be heard shrieking from far away, spider monkeys perform acrobatics on vines, and dozing sloths dangle from branches. You may also encounter anacondas, caimans and comical capybaras on the waterways, while the intensity of the birdlife is spectacular. Homestays in indigenous communities are an excellent way to explore the culture of Ecuador’s rainforests.

Galápagos Islands

The wildlife of the Galápagos Islands may not be amazingly large, or fierce, but nowhere else in the world is it so fearless of humans. Responsible visitors rarely need a zoom lens. This isolated Pacific archipelago, 1,400km off mainland Ecuador, was the origin of Darwin’s theory of evolution – but although carefully protected, the Galápagos ecosystems remain fragile. The giant tortoises, penguins, marine iguanas and red-footed boobies – as well as the residents – all depend on tourism being run sustainably. Whether opting for a land- or cruise-based tour, the holiday companies we work with make sure you’re travelling with people who have the islands’ best interests at heart.

Family holidays in Ecuador

The wildlife of the Galápagos Islands is abundant, so – unlike game drives on safaris – tours don’t require hours of sitting still quietly. Spotting giant tortoises, iguanas and penguins up close and personal is just one reason youngsters will love Ecuador. High-spirited kids can also run free in cloud forests where hiking, rafting and canyoning are possible, as well as learn how to make their own chocolate. Ecuador family holidays can combine a stay in a hacienda with a spell on a laidback tropical beach, where you can wander local markets in search of colourful trinkets to take back home.

More holiday ideas

Ecuador holidays, Andes to Amazon

From £3299 to £3949
15 days inc UK flights
Ecuador's landscapes & wildlife
Small group2022: 18 Feb, 11 Mar, 8 Apr, 5 Aug, 9 Sep, 11 Nov, 23 Dec, 2023: 17 Feb, 10 Mar, 7 Apr, 4 Aug, 8 Sep, 10 Nov, 22 Dec

Galapagos land based adventure holiday

From £2310 to £2935
10 days ex flights
Amazing wildlife, both on land and underwater
Small groupTwo or three departure dates each week

Galapagos cruises

From £1995
8 days ex flights
Cruise the Galapagos Islands on sailing boats and yachts

Ecuador adventure holiday, tailor made

From £1795
9 days ex flights
From volcano-top to Amazon basin and everything in between!

Galapagos cruise plus Ecuador and Peru

From £6949 to £7499
16 days inc UK flights
Combine two truly outstanding places in South America
Small group2022: 16 Mar, 20 Apr, 8 Jun, 20 Jul, 5 Oct, 16 Nov

Ecuador ecolodge, Napo Wildlife Center

From £1223 to £1453
4 days ex flights
A luxurious eco-lodge in wildlife rich Ecuadorean Amazon
Tailor made
Quote: All our holidays support local communities & nature – bringing you closer to both
Quote: All our holidays support local communities & nature – bringing you closer to both

More about Ecuador

Cotopaxi National Park

Walking around forested Cotopaxi National Park you’ll often see hawks and condors soaring above, no doubt enjoying their views of Mount Cotopaxi. This is one of the world’s tallest active volcanoes, rising dramatically from flat terrain, its snow-capped, smouldering cone a temptation for intrepid hikers. You don’t need mountaineering skills to climb Mount Cotopaxi, but you’ll certainly pick some up on an organised trip – summit attempts depart from a refuge at midnight, and you’ll need to be physically fit. But for those not so enamoured of scaling an active volcano, there are plenty of other less demanding hikes in the park.

Types of holidays & vacations in Ecuador

Small group holidays in Ecuador remove the stress of trip planning, ensure you make the most of your time, and provide guides who can make sure you don’t order the guinea pig by mistake. If you’d prefer a little more flexibility in your arrangements – whether in travel dates, types of accommodation, or shaping the itinerary – tailor made holidays showcase a variety of experiences, from the Andes to the Galápagos Islands. Of course, for the best wildlife holidays in Ecuador you should be Galápagos bound. There is a range of land-based or small ship cruise trips available, depending on your preferences.
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